Dexketoprofen Tromethamol Loaded Nano dimension Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems Development and in vivo / in vitro Evaluation

Yazan E. Y. (Executive), Akyıl E., Öztürk A. A.

Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2015 - 2017

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions
  • Begin Date: March 2015
  • End Date: October 2017

Project Abstract

One of history's oldest and most studied drug research on the treatment of pain with medication. Analgesic effective drugs used treatment of Mild to moderate pain with Postoperative pain, extremely common in the whole world. Currently, drug used at certain hours of the day which are consumed as single or multıple doses. İnstead of intake medication three times in a day for pain control, is aimed with only one dose per day at all day. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs shows analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity Dexketoprofen trometamol is a new active substance which is included in this group of drugs. This drug used in the symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate pain such as musculo skeletal pain, dysmenorrhoea, dental pain, postoperative pain. Dexketoprofen trometamols distribution half-life and elimination half-life is respectively 0,35 and 1,65 hours. The aim of the this study, the active ingredient which have many optimal functionaltiy wtih short half life, is to be designed in a new nanoscale form of controlled drug delivery system with extended release. property. Patient compliance will increase. The doses to be used three times a day normally and it will be downloaded to a single dose. It will be problems such as missed dose. For this purpose, active substance loaded nanoparticles and solid lipid nanoparticles drug delivery systems are targeted to preparation with different polymer and different techniques Formulations which to be prepared, will be examined specifications such as characterization, stability and release profiles. After determining the optimum formulation, Following approval of the ethics committee in vivo animal experiments will be conducted Ethics committee permit application is made to the animal ethics committee of our university and ethics comittee permit took with decision number: 2015-07