Opinions of private and public primary school principals on organizational creativity


International Journal of Educational Organization and Leadership, vol.23, no.4, pp.1-11, 2016 (Scopus) identifier


© Common Ground Publishing, Adnan Boyaci, Mehmet Fatih Karacabey All Rights Reserved.In this global age, educational organizations need to respond to the effects of their environments quickly and in an efficient way. Human resources departments with creative skills and behaviors and who are open to new ideas can help organizations better achieve this. The aim of this qualitative research is to investigate the opinions of principals working at private and public primary schools related to organizational creativity. According to the results of this study, the opinions of school principals can be gathered into three themes which include: creative features of school principals in their individual behaviors, school principals' creative roles at school in administration processes, and the existence of colleagues who support creative behaviors in the school. According to the results of this study, private primary school principals demonstrate more creative behavior, show more creative attitudes, and have more colleagues that place an importance on creativity and try to display and produce more creative behaviors and ideas than school principals in public primary schools.