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Institutional Information: Rektörlük
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Political Science, Public Administration, Politics and Social Sciences, Political Thoughts, Political Life and Instutions, International Relations, EU Politics and İnternational Relations, EU Political Construction, European Studies, Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Names in Publications: Gokcekuyu Ertugrul, GOKCEKUYU E




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Gokcekuyu, born and raised in the Netherlands, pursued a degree in Political Sciences with a specialization in Political life, thought, ideas, and institutions at the University of Leiden. His doctoral thesis centered around the empirical application of Constructivist principles in examining minority life in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

With approximately a decade of experience, he taught Methods and Research Techniques in the Netherlands before assuming his current position as an Assistant Professor at Anadolu University, specializing in Political Sciences and Public Administration. Gokcekuyu graduated from the International School of The Hague, where he obtained an International Baccalaureate (I.B.) diploma.