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Institutional Information: Sağlik Bilimleri Fakültesi
Research Areas: Sociology, Sociology of Instutions, Political Sociology, Social Strafication and Mobility, Political Science, Public Administration, Politics and Social Sciences, Political Thoughts, Political Life and Instutions, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Social Politics and Social Security


I am a first-generation working-class academic studying, teaching and primarily writing about the question of what makes us a just society.

After gaining my Ph.D. from the University of Manchester/UK, School of Social Sciences – Department of Sociology, I joined the Anadolu University, Turkey which is my home country. Previously, I studied in the Istanbul University/Turkey, Middle East Technical University/Turkey, Ludwig Maximilian Universität München/Germany and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin/Germany. I am currently employed as a lecturer by Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences/Germany and as an assistant professor by the Anadolu University/Turkey.

I am particularly interested in normative and analytical frameworks of theories on distributive justice, (un)deserved inequalities, social and economic background of privilege, dimensions of poverty as well as various forms of (dis)advantage. I approach these topics by drawing on the broad literature of political philosophy and critical sociology. Related to this, I have recently started to focus on the formation of morally unjustifiable privileges and (un)fair distribution of rewards in liberal meritocratic arrangements, with a particular focus on the unequal social and economic costs of achieving the good life for (dis)advantaged social-classes, gender identities and ethnicities.