Yetişkinlere Eğitim Hizmeti Veren Beldeevlerine Devam Eden Kadın Kursiyerlerin Profili ve Aldıkları Eğitimlere Yönelik Görüş ve Gözlemleri

Ulutak İ., Candemir Ö., Demiray E.

Eğitim ve Öğretim Araştırmaları Dergisi, vol.6, no.2, pp.54-67, 2017 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Abstract Today, education has become a process that spreads to all areas of life in order to obtain useful information, to find a job or to improve oneself. School is no longer the only place society can get education and access to knowledge. People can continue their education with lifelong education in every period of their life. Lifelong learning includes skills that are developing in the work life, voluntarily and willingly, in learning institutions, or in the daily life interaction with the environment in which the individual lives. Lifelong education enriches women's life, social life participation, active citizenship, personal development and self-esteem. There are 23 Beldeevi established in Eskisehir and affiliated to Tepebasi Municipality and working within the scope of lifelong education. The majority of the followers of these courses are adult women. Belvedevleri successfully fulfills a number of important functions within the scope of adult education, such as opening vocational and skills training courses, preparing awarenessraising training activities that will enable women to become socially strengthened, organizing informative meetings with women and organizing training seminars. In this study, a questionnaire consisting of 38 questions was applied to 325 courses to determine the views and observations of the trainers attending to the Beldeevi. The data obtained in the study were coded and loaded on the computer and analyzed using the "SPSS 23" statistical program. As a result of the questionnaires, the demographical characteristics of the trainees, reasons for coming to the courses, satisfaction levels and preferences for open and distance learning were determined.