Perception of Gender by University Students in Turkey

Unuvar Unluoglu D., Demiray B.



This study aims to examine students' gender perspectives within the context of gender equality. Gender perceptions of students are typically investigated with application examples at a specific education level or within a specific field of education; however, this research will examine gender perceptions at all university education levels without a specific field and/or department restriction, and moreover, in relation to the age, residence status, and profession of the student's parents. The survey method and random sampling were used within the research that was authorized by the ethics council of Eskisehir Technical University. In total, 374 students were reached by using the Gender Perception Scale to evaluate individuals' gender perspectives. Of the participants, 60.16% were female and 39.84% were male. Secondly, of the participants, 31,82% had an associate's degree, 41,18% held a bachelor's degree, 17,11% held a master's degree, and 9,89% held a doctorate degree. In terms of gender perception levels, the findings showed that there is a statistically significant difference between gender and education levels. Moreover, while the fathers' professions of the students created a statistically significant difference in their gender perception, the same situation was not seen in their mothers' professions.