Examination of History Pedagogy Programme Students' Beliefs about The Concept of History Through Metaphor Analysis

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Demircioglu E., Kantekin S.



The aim of this study is to examine and present the beliefs which about concept of history of through metaphor analysis to history teacher candidates who in the history pedagogy programme of students in Trabzon University at Fatih Education Faculty. The survey method was used in the study and the data were obtained through the metaphor survey. Via metaphors, the two things that are not alike by acting on the common characteristics, similar features tried to create with analogy. This research is based on a qualitative approach and the study was carried out with the students attending the history pedagogy program of Fatih Faculty of Education. A total of 74 teachers, 37 girls and 37 boys, participated in the survey. Since the entire universe intended to be reached, the study doesn't require a sample. The data were obtained through open-ended questionnaires. Prior to the study, participants who history teacher candidates were informed about what the metaphor and how the metaphor is produced is by giving examples from different fields. The questionnaire form is distributed to each of the teacher candidates and filling gaps produce metaphors coherent the expression which history is like .........". Because .......... In the research the concept of "because" was by given participants want to present a reason for their generate metaphors about the concept of history. These data were evaluated according to the content analysis which is a qualitative data analysis approach. In this framework, metaphors were first read and then coded process was done. Then, conceptual categories were constitute from the obtained codes. In the light of the data obtained. In the light of the data obtained, produced 201 valid metaphors related to the concept of history by history teacher candidates. 8 main categories are produced from these metaphors. These are: "history which illuminates the future and guide", "history as unknown", "history as illuminating past", "accumulated, increasing history", "history as transmitter proud", "history as records everything", "history as researchers" and "subjective history". In the light of the data obtained it can be seen that participated in the study who history teacher candidates doesn't produce enough metaphor in spite of extract a four year history education. Whereas, it is seen that the history teacher candidates were mostly able to produce metaphors especially related to the future enlightenment of history and the extent of taking lessons from history. In contrast, it is understood that teacher candidates don't produce metaphors in relation to historical thinking skills, time, chronology, cause-result, empathy and critical thinking. In addition to this, it is also the result of this research that the candidates are unable to produce metaphors in relation to the scientific research aspects of history and the scientific research skills. In other words, it is seen that the history teacher candidates who participated in the research have looked at history from a traditional perspective.