Use of technology in the application kitchens of vocational education schools


Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, vol.2016, no.july, pp.627-631, 2016 (Scopus) identifier


© The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology.Transformation is one of the main features of the twentieth century. Alterations in science and technology change the education as well. These alterations cause changes in the aim and content of vocational and technical education, learning and teaching strategies, and the methods applied by the usage of teaching tools and materials. The main function of vocational training is to raise individuals harmonious with the demands of the labor market. Compatible labor with market demand might significantly contribute to the promotion of Turkey’s competitiveness in the international markets. Changes in the world create an economic growth and wealth environment on the one hand, and on the other hand, technological advancements reveal the fact that individuals and society are needed to be prepared for the new forms of working environment by education. It has been thought that the quality of vocational training is increased by advancing the usage of technology in education. In this context, it is expected that replacing the traditional approaches with the novel technologies enrich the training kitchens located in the vocational education schools. Therefore, technology needs to be be integrated in to the training kitchens.