Primary School Children's Communication Experiences with Twitter: A Case Study from Turkey


CYBERPSYCHOLOGY BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL NETWORKING, vol.16, no.6, pp.448-453, 2013 (SSCI) identifier identifier identifier


This case study examines the utilization of Twitter as a communication channel among primary school children. This study tries to answer the following questions: "What are the cases for primary school children's use of Twitter for communication?" and "What are primary school children's experiences of utilizing Twitter for communication?" Participants were 7th grade students (17 female, 34 male; age 13 years) studying in a private primary school in Turkey within the 2011-12 academic year. A questionnaire, semi-structured interview, document analysis, and open ended questions were used as data collection tools. The children were invited and encouraged to use Twitter for communication. Whilst participants had some minor difficulties getting accustomed to Twitter, they managed to use Twitter for communication, a conclusion drawn from the children's responses and tweets within the study. However, the majority of children did not consider Twitter as a communication tool, and were observed to quit using Twitter once the study had ended. They found Twitter unproductive and restrictive for communication. Furthermore, Twitter's low popularity among adolescents was also a problem. This study suggests that social networking tools favored by children should be integrated into educational settings in order to maximize instructional benefits for primary school children and adolescents.