Allergenic airborne poaceae (GRASS) pollen around public transportation centers in Eskİsehİr, Turkey


South-Western Journal of Horticulture, Biology and Environment, vol.7, no.1, pp.1-14, 2016 (Scopus) identifier


© South west J Hortic Biol Environ.Pollen grains of the plants in Poaceae (Grass), one of the largest families of flowering plants, are the major cause of pollen allergies in the world. In this research, concentrations of airborne Poaceae pollen grains around public transportation centers (airport, bus and train stations) and city center in Eskisehir (Central Anatolia, Turkey) were studied during three consecutive years (2012-2014). These are the first contact points of people from another cities or countries. Total 6.202 Poaceae pollen grains were determined in areas: 1865 pollen grains (30.0 %) in 2012, 1909 (30.7%) in 2013 and 2428 (39.1%) in 2014. Major contibution to the total pollen amounts among study areas was from airport. June and July were the months with the highest pollen amounts. Understanding and forecasting maximum Poaceae concentration may be critical in the prevention of seasonal allergic diseases or the reduction of exposure to allergens.