Is Digital Age "A Tsunami" for Distance Education? Functional Roles of Scaffolding and Meta-Communication in Digital Learning Environment

Demiray U.

DIGITAL TOOLS FOR SEAMLESS LEARNING, pp.179-194, 2017 (SSCI) identifier


A popular question between academics is quite discussing about "is digital age really a "TSUNAMI" for distance education field and distance educators? Up to now distance education by usage of high and digital technology has been taken in every level of education and learning environments, it creates almost limitless platform of opportunities better than face to face learning at any level of learning environment specially a digital one. Mostly, the result of the discussion on digital age is regarded a kind of "Tsunami" that changed the phase of education, especially distance education and effected learning environment in the 21st century. This paper looks into the impact and the types of evidence that are generated across initiatives, organizations and individuals in order to make a summative analysis and it has recommendations from point of functional roles of scaffolding and meta-communication perspective within digital learning environment aspect.