Anatomy and Pollen Morphology of Eranthis hyemalis (L.) Salisb.

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Ardıç M., Koyuncu O., Sezer O., Gökçen Ü., Yaylacı Ö. K., Potoğlu Erkara İ.

International Journal of Applied Biology and Environmental Science, vol.1, no.1, pp.1-2, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, anatomical and polynological features of Eranthis hyemalis (L.) Salisb. were investigated. For palynological analysis of plant materials, pollen preparations of each taxon were prepared for light microscopy research according to the Wodehouse and Erdtman methods and measurement of the morphological characters of pollen were carried out. For anatomical investigation, transverse sections of root, stem and leaf have been taken from E. hyemalis by scapel. All sections examined by light microscope. In the cross sections of the root, the pith was completely covered by xylem cells. In contrast to this, the pith of the stems is hollow. Leaves have amaryllis type of stomata. They are mesomorphic. The results of the light microscope investigation revealed that the pollen grains of E. hyemalis are tricolpate and exine scabrate. We believe that findings of this study will make contributions to the biodiversity and taxonomy in future.

Keywords: Eranthis hyemalis (L.) Salisb. (Ranunculaceae), Anatomy, Pollen Morphology.