Creative Reversal Act (Creact): Teaching the Ways Creators Think


Gifted Education International, vol.25, no.1, pp.5-13, 2009 (Scopus) identifier


© 2009 A B Academic Publishers Printed in Great Britain.The last decades have witnessed the development of a great body of knowledge and the generation of theories and models about the nature of creative ability. Such a development has showed us that creative ability is partly the product of nature but thinking creatively is the footprint of nurture. There exist many ways to teach for creativity, as creative ability is thought of as multidimensional. Research growth in knowledge, accordingly, has resulted in the creation of new practices for cultivating creative capacity. In this article, a new teaching technique, the Creative Reversal Act (CREACT) for improving creative capacity is presented. The CREACT is developed by the author based on the theory of the Janusian process that is originally operationalized by Rothenberg (1971). The CREACT is composed of a series of construction, segregation, opposition, combination, elaboration steps.