Multi-objective control of full-vehicle suspensions: A case study


IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), vol.44, no.1 PART 1, pp.1826-1831, 2011 (Scopus) identifier


This paper presents two procedures for multi-objective control of a full-vehicle suspension excited by random road disturbances. The control problem is first formulated as a mixed H2/H∞ synthesis problem and an output feedback solution is obtained by using linear matrix inequalities. Next, the multi-objective control problem is re-formulated as a non-convex and non-smooth optimization problem with controller order restricted to be less than the vehicle model order. For a range of orders, controllers are synthesized by using the HIFOO toolbox. The efficacy of the presented procedures are illustrated by design examples. © 2011 IFAC.