One-dimensional heat transfer analysis and experimental investigation of a gas turbine combustor

Topal A., Çatori C., Çağan L., Uslu S., TURAN Ö., Pişkin A.

International Symposium on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, CONV 2014, Kusadasi, Turkey, 8 - 13 June 2014, pp.319-333 identifier


© 2014, Begell House Inc. All rights reserved.A gas turbine combustor preliminary design tool that includes all the conceptual and one-dimensional preliminary design process in an automated way has been used for the heat transfer calculations. The flame tube wall temperature characteristics of an experimental through flow combustor with air-blast atomizer has been analysed using the methodology. A small scale gas turbine combustor is used as a test case in order to validate the predictive capability of the newly developed methodology named PreCoDe. Predictions about the mass flow split, flame and combustor liner temperatures for 1 millimetre segments have been performed by using the PreCoDe technique that makes use of analytical and empirical correlations. For the validation of the code, calculation results are compared with the thermal paint and the thermocouple temperature measurements on the combustor liner. As a conclusion, the 1D prediction has revealed good agreement with experimental results and hence good design capability and potentials of the PreCoDe.