Art Based Educational Research to Generate a Practice Based Approach 5 3

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Erişti S. D.

Anadolu Journal of Educational Sciences International , vol.5, no.3, pp.383-401, 2015 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Arts-based research was born in an academic context where the arts and research unite. The departing point of today’s art-based educational research studies is to bring a more in-depth and critical thought. As a growing field of interest, art-based research is becoming an effective approach in every step of the research practice. The relationship between art-based research and practice provides a fertile ground for new and extraordinary approaches to the research phenomenon. That’s why in liberal arts and educational research, literature on theoretical and practical dimensions of art-based research becomes essential. Such literature directs its concentration toward introducing artists and social scientists to various approaches of art-based research while making it possible, for them, to apply these approaches and reach original results. These approaches give chance to the researcher to arrange the research process, participants, and other elements of the researched phenomenon in different ways utilizing different angles. In other words, especially in educational contexts, art-based research approaches bring new possibilities for detailed and deep interpretation with new points of view and a new understanding of the nature of research. In this respect, art-based educational research has emerged as a rising field of study that provides new space for effective interaction and communication among researchers, education professionals, and artists. The researcher conducting art-based research approaches has to utilize relationships between multiple disciplines creating new ways of seeing.