Skepticism toward health claims in food labeling: A turkish case


International Journal of the Humanities, vol.8, no.8, pp.33-44, 2010 (Scopus) identifier


This paper is based on a workshop which focused on the use of Movement Pattern Analysis to better understand decision-making as it pertains to the creative process. Based in the work of Warren Lamb, a student and colleague of the great movement theorist, Rudolf Laban, his system articulates the process of decision-making by "reading" the patterns of Posture-Gesture Mergers through movement analysis. This exploration illuminates how knowledge of Decision-Making Style, as determined through Lamb's movement profiling framework, can provide more awareness of self and one's interactions in the world and can become a highly crystallized barometer to understanding creativity. This paper illustrates a system that can articulate ways of being in the world that may help the artist find significant pathways through the seemingly unknowable terrain of the creative process. © Common Ground, Mine Oyman, Omer Kutlu, Hakan Yilmaz. All Rights Reserved.