Comparative anatomical studies on twelve Ornithogalum Asparagaceae species eleven nonendemic one endemic belonging to subgen Ornithogalum and subgen Beryllis growing naturally in Eskişehir Central Anatolia Turkey

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Öztürk D., Koyuncu O., Yaylacı Ö. K., Özgişi K., Sezer O., Tokur S.

Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews, vol.3, no.3, pp.40-49, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, some anatomical features of 12 Ornithogalum species (eleven nonendemic, one endemic) which included by two subgenera (subgen. Ornithogalum and subgen. Beryllis) have been investigated for the first time. Also investigated anatomical features of every Ornithogalum species, they are naturally distributed in Eskişehir (Central Anatolia-Turkey) and its environs, were compared with each other on the purpose of assign taxonomic value of these features and so make contributions to the taxonomic identification of these taxa. For this reason, 11 anatomical chracters (7 for leaf and 4 for stem) of these Ornithogalum species were investigated. In addition to, photos of superficial section of upper and lower epidermis, cross section of the leaves and scapes given. According to the comparison of these features some useful anatomical chracters have been found in subgenus level. For example, stomatal index of lower epidermis in subgen. Subgen. Ornithogalum was 15-60 number mm2 and subgen. Beryllis was 25 number mm2 . Vascular bundle numbers in subgen. Ornithogalum and subgen. Beryllis was 10-32 and 20-30, respectively. Stem diameter of subgen. Ornithogalum is 3,040-5,336 mm and subgen. Beryllis is 4.608-4.852 mm. These features are pratically useable for distinguish subgen. Ornithogalum and subgen. Beryllis.