Kaynaştırma Ortamındaki İşitme Engelli Öğrencilere Destek Eğitim Odasında Uygulanan Türkçe Etkinliklerinin İncelenmesi

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Akay E.

International Journal of Special Education and Information Technologies , vol.1, no.1, pp.1-14, 2015 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


It is observed that the number of students with hearing impairment placed in inclusive practices in our country has increased rapidly. In parallel, the need for support special education services to be provided in these environments also increases. Support education room is one of the support special education services offered in line with the needs of the student. The aim of this research is to examine the literacy activities applied in Turkish lessons within the scope of support education room service. This research was designed as an action research. The participants of the research; Three hearing-impaired students who receive inclusive education in the fourth grade of primary school are researchers, general education classroom teachers and validity committee members as support education room teachers. Research data was collected with videotape recordings of real classroom interactions, validity committee sound recordings and meeting minutes, lesson plans, reflective research diary, student products and archive documents. The data were analyzed by the researcher and the validity committee members during and after the research process. During the research process, text analysis, question-answer creation, story map creation and space filling activities were applied in Turkish lessons. As a result of the research, it was seen that the students were able to explain the texts they read, guess the meaning of the words they did not know, use the question-answer strategy, determine the text structures, summarize the text, and place words in the text in syntax and meaning. Research results of the hearing impaired students in Turkey is expected to provide support to the training room to offer programs to create benefits for their perspectives on lessons and Turk