The Universities' Instagram Usage as a Corporate Communication Tool: A Descriptive Content Analysis on the Instagram Pages of Foundation Universities

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Gokler K., ONAY A.



Corporate Communication activities are based on providing information on behalf of the organization as well as receiving information from the environment of the organization. In order to be preferred by the target group of the universities, to gain value amongthe society and to increase its success as a result of this, it is necessary to carry out the corporate communication activities in the most correct way. As in all other institutions, it utilizes various communication tools while conducting corporate communication activities in universities. With the rapid changes in information communication technologies, social media, which has entered into our lives, has become an effective tool for the preparation and maintenance of recognition and promotion activities of institutions. Universities, on the other hand, started to take part in these channels in order to realize corporate communication activities and take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media. Within the scope of this research, the use of Instagram in terms of corporate communication studies of the universities has been revealed with a descriptive analysis. Descriptive analysis attempts to reveal the current situation. In the study, Instagram pages showing the activities of foundation universities in Turkey were examined with content analysis. As a result, it was seen that; universities, use Instagram as a social media tool in their corporate communication activities; they care about to be on Instagram to carry out corporate communication studies. It was also seen that the foundation universities which were subjected to this research had some deficiencies to manage their Instagram pages.