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Mustafa Çakır is Prof. of Germanic Linguistics and German as a Foreign Language. He was born in Düzce in 1963. He completed his primary school in Sivrihisar/Eskişehir and secondary and high school in Bolu. He began his higher education at the University of Vienna with a diploma in German language and Austrian culture. He received his bachelor's degree in teaching German as a foreign language from Anadolu University Faculty of Education and his master's degree in teaching German as a foreign language from the Graduate School of Social Sciences of the same university. In 1990 he received his PhD from the Institute for German Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Vienna. In 1996 he habilitated and received a position as a university lecturer. He headed the linguistic courses in the subject Didactics of German Language and Literature; In 2002 he received the designation of scheduled professor title and position. He has held the chair there ever since. He has published many articles in national and international journals, lectured at scientific meetings, published books, book chapters and popular science articles in various newspapers and magazines. He prepared and presented radio and television programs with different content within Anadolu University TV-A; worked as manager, researcher and consultant in international and national projects. He is a member of the Turkish German Studies Association (GERDER), the World Association of German Studies (IVG), the Intercultural German Studies Association (GIG), the Turkish House Eskişehir, the Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals (Skål International Eskişehir). He has held administrative, academic and diplomatic positions in Turkey and abroad. He wears the State Cross of Merit of the Republic of Austria. He has held university courses at bachelor's, master's and doctoral level in the fields of intercultural communication, German linguistics and translation-interpreting; supervised scientific work. He is currently working as a professor at the Education Faculty of Anadolu University in Eskişehir. Areas of interest; German linguistics, open and distance learning, intercultural communication, cultural heritage and tourism, European Turkish and Turkish as a foreign language didactics, educational diplomacy. ORCID ID: Academia: 


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