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Institutional Information: Eğitim Fakültesi
Research Areas: Archaelogy and History of Art, Education, Education in Art, Education in Graphic Arts, Education in Fine Arts, Art, Art Management, Art and Design, Design Studies

Names in Publications: Suzan Duygu Eristi, Duygu Erişti, Suzan Duygu Bedir Erişti, S. D. Bedir Erişti




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She holds a Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD in art education, art, art history, visual design, and education. Her work revolves around art-based research methods, visual research methods, a/r/tography, visual pedagogy, digital visual culture, new media, multicultural art education, graphic design, interactive content design, digital gamification, and narrative practices. Suzan Duygu Bedir Erişti, aiming to imbue an international perspective into both her work and research, engages in national and international research and projects. Erişti was awarded the Visual Arts Educator of the Year Award in the academician category in 2016 by TURKEY-GORSED (Visual Arts Education Association) based on her academic studies and contributions to the field. In 2023, she served as a visiting professor at Northern Illinois University with a Post-Doctoral Fellowship. During this period, she collaborated with Prof. Dr. Douglas Boughton and Prof. Dr. Kerry Freedman. Eristi’s works have been showcased in numerous national and international juried exhibitions. Additionally, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions at the international level, along with undertaking design projects for various organizations. In Turkey, she co-edited several books with a group of researchers with multiple international participations, including Visual Research Methods, focusing on Art-Based Research Methods and Art Education, A/r/tography, co-edited with Prof. Dr. Rita Irwin, Visual Pedagogy, co-edited with Prof. Dr. Paul Duncum, and a book titled New Media and Visual Communication Design, focusing on visual communication. Between 2020 and 2023, she held positions as the Head of the Fine Arts Education Department and the Department of Fine Arts Education at Anadolu University, Faculty of Education. She currently serves as a faculty member at Anadolu University, Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts Education.


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